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Why Choose the Logoinn Franchise Program?

Redeemable Program Fees - Unlike traditional franchise programs; where you’ll have to invest large amounts of money to setup and train your staff; the Logoinn Franchise Program doesn’t cost you anything, as the initial investment can be redeemed against your first order. There is a onetime Franchise Fee of $450 which can be redeemed against the design and development services you offer to your clients; so the initial investment is quickly returned with a nice healthy profit margin for you.
Zero Investment - Unlike traditional franchise programs, where you work hard, invest an incredible amount of time & resource with the franchiser taking most of the proceeds; the Logoinn Franchise Program doesn’t require you to work long hours or make a huge investment. There isn’t any investment of your own; so you don’t lose anything. Instead you get 30% of the contract that Logoinn delivers for your clients.
Maximum Customer Support - Unlike traditional franchise programs, where you need to look after your clients, provide them support and deal with their queries, the Logoinn Franchise Program doesn’t require you to do any of this. Logoinn’s support and customer services departments deal with all customer queries and provide them support and advice around the clock.
Zero paper work – Traditional franchise programs; where you need to keep a record of the books, Logoinn’s state of the art eCommerce platform does it all for you. You get sales reports, fee statements and other correspondence all in one easy to access place; all in electronic format, enabling you to keep a track of all sales and commissions; giving you the opportunity to cross-sell other services, making you even more profit.
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Who is the Logoinn Franchise Program for?

Well; it’s for anyone with an existing business or anyone who is looking to start up a new business; literally anyone can benefit from the Logoinn Franchise Program. It’s ideal for professional service providers such as accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, bankers, furniture sellers, telecommunication providers, full time marketers, freelance marketing executives and consultants, who will already be dealing with small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their marketing collateral.

How much investment do I need?

Very little! There is no out of pocket cost to you, apart from a Franchise Fee of $450, which can be redeemed against the Graphic Design and/or website development services.

What do I get for the fee?

If you don’t have a website, we’ll build you a 5 page website for your own business, along with an enquiry form, enabling web visitors to simply and quickly fill in their details for you to make instant contact with them. We’ll also give you a .COM or .co.uk domain name along with custom logo design and stationery design for your own business and we’ll give you a ‘domain related’ email address, so you don’t have to use the ‘Hotmail / Google’ type email accounts, giving your business much more credibility. If you already have an existing website, domain and email addresses; we’ll give it a ‘facelift’ for you, tweaking the design and/or navigation.

Can I use the new website for my own business?

The short answer is Yes! The website we build for you will be for your own business and with your own domain name. We will utilise 20% of the space on your home page and add another couple of pages for our services which will allow a visitor to buy Graphic Design or website development services from you. The eCommerce system we use will integrate with those additional pages we create for you on your website, automatically confirming the order with our system; enabling us and you to track the orders and sales you make. You’ll get paid for every confirmed order that comes from these pages via a unique code we use in the web page development; ensuring your commission is tracked and giving you the ability to track your progress and most importantly of all; your profit.

How do I track orders placed by my customers?

All orders that come from your website will have a unique code that we’ll give you when becoming a franchisee. This order will be listed under “My Account-> Franchise Program” where you can see and track the progress of an order placed by your customers. We’ll also notify you by email as and when we receive an order via your franchise outlet. As soon as an order status changes to “Completed”, we will deposit your Referral Fee into your account by bank transfer or PayPal. To validate that all orders are being listed correctly, you can place test orders from your website under dummy customer names. Once the ‘test’ orders are validated, you’re required to cancel the test order.

This is a great offer for those who are looking to get their own website developed. Not only do you get a professionally designed website for your own use for FREE, but also earn profit through the franchise of a very well established business and brand like Logoinn.

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