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Terms of the Logoinn Franchise Program

  • The Logoinn Franchise Program is for genuine franchisees. This won’t be used to get a FREE website developed. The Franchisee will need to remain in the program for at least 24 months and earn at least $900 in Referral Fees. Failure to meet this requirement will require the Franchisee to pay Logoinn an additional $450 to recover the cost of the initial website development or facelift to the existing website.
  • The Franchisee’s website will need to be hosted by Logoinn in order to integrate it with the referral platform. The first year’s hosting is free of charge and subsequent years will be charged at $5.99 per month for website & email hosting.
  • The Logoinn Franchise Program requires the Franchise to allow Logoinn to use 20% of the space on the home page for Logoinn services as well as two additional pages for the Logoinn services. If the Franchise removes our code and pages, the Franchise contract is automatically cancelled and the Franchise is required to pay $450 to recover the cost of the initial website development or facelift to the existing website.
  • Logoinn adverts will be subtle and won’t overshadow the Franchise’s own business focus, unless required.
  • Logoinn reserves the right to accept or reject someone to become a Franchise.
  • Referral Fee will be paid when an order status changes to “Completed”. Depending on the size of the project, this can take between 3 and 20 days and sometimes longer for complicated eCommerce solutions.
  • Orders coming from the Franchise’s website can be tracked under the My Account-> Franchise Program section of the Logoinn website. When an order status becomes ‘Completed’, we will automatically pay the Referral Fee according to the chosen method of payment.
  • The Referral Fee will be paid via bank transfer or PayPal. The Franchise is to pay all transaction charges as levied by the bank or the PayPal.
  • If an order is refunded, the Referral Fee is clawed back from the Franchise. This can happen in very rare cases as we offer 100% money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee on all design projects. Due to the highest quality of our work and commitment to our customers, we seldom reach that stage.
  • The Franchise Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
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