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Logoinn Voice Over Package - Cost$100

Voice Over Package $100
1 voice over concept
2 Revisions
60 seconds duration (or less)
Select voices from any gender (Males and Females)
Select different voices from any age bracket (kids – mature)
Various accents offered such as American/English/South Asian/Arabic
Voice over’s offered in different languages starting from English/Spanish/French/German/Chinese to Hindi/Urdu and Arabic as well.
Delivery Time : 5 business days (tentative)
We offer creating Scripts : Additional charges apply
Various mediums presented to use voice over’s include Podcast/Video Animation/Translation/etc.
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Vocal With

" Be swift and express the art of your business to the target audience with a clear voice describing a variety of business purposes. "

With Logoinn Voice over Package, you can enjoy several benefits:


Link voices with visual animations
Provide product tutorials
Give how it works demo’s
Define your company policies
Present online video trainings
Use different languages/different accents to get your product heard in different countries with varying cultures
Mix multiple voices
Rapid Voice-Over Editing


Convey It All with Logoinn Voice over packages!


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