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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Audit Package

New to SEO? Not sure if your website’s search engine optimization state is at it’s best? Want to ensure that your website is or can be optimized for search engine rankings? If yes, you have come to the right place for SEO optimization services.


At Logoinn, we help clients identify potential issues with their websites in terms of search engine optimization. Our Seo Audit service provides you an understanding of your website and its status with various search engines. The report also looks at your competition, the likelihood of ranking improvements of your website and finding the relevant keywords to focus on.

The deliverables are a comprehensive report covering the current state of play, competition, short term and long term strategies.


What is included in the SEO Audit Package

Finding issues with on Page
Report on current state of ranking
Analysis of competition
Analysis of content
Recommendations on target keywords
Includes up to 5 pages


Profound Analysis – Identifying your wrong moves

SEO Audit is aimed at identifying your weaknesses regarding your website ranking. Search engine optimization is a complete science, you can’t get good optimization results using knowledge alone. It isn’t anything to play with or experiment with. At Logoinn, our skilled SEO professionals evaluate your on-going SEO activities and deeply analyze them to figure out your weaknesses.

Recommendations – Turning the wrong into right

Through SEO Audit, experts at Logoinn not only analyze your SEO activities but they also suggest strategies to uplift your website ranking. These strategies are devised after extensive research into your business domain, they are therefore reliable and result-oriented.

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